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103-5.0mm PCB Mount Screw Terminal
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103-5.0mm PCB Mount Screw Terminal

5.0mm PCB Mount Screw Terminal are suitable for today’s requirements of high current terminations on printed circuit boards. Available in both straight and right angle versions for thru hole terminals. They can be supplied with or without screws.
  • EX 103-5.0





5.0 mm


2P, 3P


M2.5Steel ,Zinc plated

Wire cage

Brass Ni   Plated

Pin header

Brass, Tin   Plated


PA66 UL94V-0


Rated   voltage


Rated   current


Withstanding   voltage

AC1500V/1 Min

Wire range



Temp range


Max   soldering

+250   5 Sec



Strip length


Sun is a professional PCB terminal blocks manufacturers, providing high-quality and low price PCB screw terminal blocks, PCB screw terminal connector, and PCB mount screw terminal block. 


A terminal block consists of a modular housing with an insulated body that secures two or more wires together. Terminal blocks—also referred to as terminal connectors, connection terminals, or screw terminals—are used in a wide array of applications where electrical systems need to be safely connected. They are ideal for designs requiring secure, well-organized, and semi-permanent wire connections that can be easily swapped out for inspection or repair in the field.


Terminal Block Types

There are various types of terminal blocks that can be used in a design. These are some of the most common:


PCB Mount

Often referred to as Eurostyle or wire-to-board terminal blocks, PCB mount terminal blocks work by inserting bare wires into the module where a clamp secures the wire in the housing. The housing is then soldered to a PCB in common footprints. PCB mount terminal blocks can be single, dual, or multi-level modules.


Barrier Strips

These terminal blocks have a screw down terminal where a ring or spade terminal is attached to the wire and then inserted onto the screw and tightened into the housing. Barrier strips are commonly used where vibration is a concern.



Feed-through terminal blocks are used to connect two wires together for wire-to-wire connections. This terminal block type has one input and one output contact where two distinct wires are fed into opposite sides of the housing. Like PCB mount versions, these can also be single, dual, or multi-level modules.

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Founded in 2011, Sun Electric Co., Ltd specializes in the production of terminal blocks and industrial electrical connection products.

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