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3.5/3.81mm Plug in Connector Blocks
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3.5/3.81mm Plug in Connector Blocks

3.5/3.81mm Plug in Connector Blocks is a type of terminal block connector which allows faster wiring to the terminal block with the help of push-in wire termination technology. They reduce costly downtime and misconnections. Pluggable terminal blocks are available with screw-cage clamp termination, tubular screw termination, or as card edge connectors.
  • 15EDGVHM-3.5/3.81

Sun is a professional terminal block manufacturers, providing pluggable terminal block, pluggable connector, and plug in connector blocks. Pluggable Connector opens up more opportunities for terminal blocks to become a more working and flexible connector. One half of the plug, the receptacle, is soldered to the PCB as you would with a standard PCB terminal block. This then creates a header for the plug side of the connector to be connected to. This kind of connection is ideal for maintenance-heavy applications, testing equipment, where a device can be quickly plugged in, HVAC and so many more electrical applications that require some flexibility when it comes to the wiring system. 3.5/3.81mm Plug in Connector Block eliminates the need for unscrewing the wires to disrupt the electrical flow. 

Advantages of 3.5/3.81mm Plug in Connector Blocks

● Free selection of connection technology through uniformly designed COMBI plug-in zone.

● A nominal current of 41 A and a nominal voltage of 1,000 V can be implemented thanks to the powerful plug-in contact.

● Maximum safety, thanks to the touch-proof design.

● Protection against mismatching – thanks to individual coding options.

● Simple potential distribution thanks to double function shaft.

● Vibration resistance: latching accessories available.

● Full flexibility, thanks to connectors for assembly.

Features of 3.5/3.81mm Pluggable Connector

● Pre-printed terminal blocks and connectors indicating the position.

● Industry-standard screw termination.

● Fixed or pluggable (plug/header) configurations.

● Wire range from 28 AWG to 12 AWG.

● Solid, stranded, or ferruled wire can be used.


Applications of 3.5/3.81mm Pluggable Terminal Block Connector

● Industrial controls

● Building automation

● I/O modules

● Test and measurement equipment

● Monitoring devices






3.5/3.81 mm




M2.5 Brass



Pin header

Brass, Ni   Plated


PA66, UL94V-0


Rated   voltage


Rated   current


Withstanding   voltage

AC1500V/1 Min

Wire range



Temp range


Max   soldering

+250   5 Sec



Strip length



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