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7.5/7.62mm Plug in Terminal Block Connector
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7.5/7.62mm Plug in Terminal Block Connector

The rising clamp design ensures a reliable termination the first and every time a wire is terminated in the plug. All metal parts are captive and the pluggable terminal block is molded in 2 through 24 positions. The SUN 7.5/7.62mm Plug-in Terminal Block features polarization ribs so that it will only mate in one direction and optional keying will protect from mismating different plugs of the same size.
  • EX2EDGKA-7.5/7.62

7.5/7.62mm Plug-in Terminal Block Connector is mainly characterized by the monomer and the circuit board soldering and wiring easy, and reliable screw connection. The pitch is 3.5, 3.81, 5.0, 5.08,  and so on. The terminal blocks can be combined with 3P and 2P. The products without stitching are also available. The wiring directions are front, side, slope, and other different styles.

Features of 7.5/7.62mm Plug-in Terminal Block Connector

● Small pitch to save space

● Low structural height

● Large wiring capacity can be connected to the section area of 1.5mm² flexible wire.

● The plug socket is protected against wrong insertion and dislocation.

Advantages of 7.5/7.62mm Plug-in Terminal Block Connector

● Free selection of connection technology through uniformly designed COMBI plug-in zone.

● A nominal current of 41 A and a nominal voltage of 1,000 V can be implemented thanks to the powerful plug-in contact.

● Maximum safety, thanks to the touch-proof design.

● Protection against mismatching – thanks to individual coding options.

● Simple potential distribution thanks to double function shaft.

● Vibration resistance: latching accessories available.

● Full flexibility, thanks to connectors for assembly.

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7.5/7.62 mm




M2.5, Steel ,Zinc   plated


Phosphor   bronze Ni plated

Wire cage

Brass, Ni   Plated


PA66, UL94V-0


Rated   voltage


Rated   current


Withstanding   voltage

AC1500V/1 Min

Wire range



Temp range


Max   soldering

+250   5 Sec


0.4 Nm(

Strip length



Quality Assurance

Product R&D

There exists a professional R&D team that can participate in customized designing, learn about the demands of customers, and provides relevant solutions. SUN can provide customized products designing plans, offer 2D, 3D drawings, and 3D printed samples quickly to facilitate the structural simulation verification of early customized products, to speed up the product development, and to cut the cost.

product R&D


SUN possesses an autonomous processing workshop and hundreds of exported processing equipment with the scale of a medium mold processing factory.


Metal Stamping

The quality terminal is the key component for quality terminal blocks. SUN sanctity monitors the stamping process to assure precise metal components. The sheet metal that is between 0.1mm - 4.0mm thick Is conrnonêy used in production.

metal stamping

Plastic Injection

Plastic molds are designed and made by SUN engineers housing for insulation purposes or overmolding applications are developed on a regular basis. Different colors and specific plastic materials are available upon request.

plastic injection

Sun is top 10 terminal block manufacturers in China, providing high-quality and low price pluggable terminal block, pluggable terminal strip, and pluggable terminal block connector. 

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Founded in 2011, Sun Electric Co., Ltd specializes in the production of terminal blocks and industrial electrical connection products.

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