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7.5mm 7.62mm Pluggable Terminal Block
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7.5mm 7.62mm Pluggable Terminal Block

7.5mm 7.62mm Pluggable Terminal Block is a type of terminal block connector which allows faster wiring to the terminal block with the help of push-in wire termination technology. They reduce costly downtime and misconnections. Pluggable terminal blocks are available with screw-cage clamp termination, tubular screw termination, or as card edge connectors.
  • EX2EDGKAM-7.5/7.62

The 7.5mm 7.62mm Pluggable Terminal Block, for wire to board connection. Terminal block in two parts that can be separated, one part for cable connection, and one part for PCB mounting. This solution enables us to easily connect and disconnect.

Features of 7.5mm 7.62mm Pluggable Terminal Block

● Green, Right Angled,12pin, 300V, 20A, 5.0mm/5.08mm, PCB Mount, Crimp 

● Available insert direction, contact direction, plug-in direction according to the requirement.

● A nominal current of 32 A (IEC) and a nominal voltage of 800 V (IEC) can be realized thanks to the powerful plug-in contact.

● Maximum safety with a touch-proof design

● Simple potential distribution utilizing the double function shaft

● Vibration resistance: latching accessories available


Main Application of 7.5mm 7.62mm Pluggable Terminal Block

● Cable fixing

● Encoding

● Shield

● For flange-mounting plugs and basic terminal blocks

● Cable housing

If you think that the terminal block is causing any problem in your appliance, you can follow the steps below to test:

1. Take precaution: Turn off the power source by putting the control panel switch at OFF position. Unplug the power cord of your appliance from the wall outlet (if there is any).

2. Find terminal block: Remove the cover of the appliance where the power cord enters the appliance. Follow the power cord, you will find the terminal box at the end.

3. Test terminal block visually: Check carefully if there are any cracks or corroded wires. Also, check for burned or loose wires. If you see any of these problems, replace the terminal block.

4. Disconnect terminal block: With the power source turned off, remove the mounting screws for the terminal block. Label the wires with masking tapes indicating the terminals they connect to. Pull off the wire connectors after unscrewing them. Disconnect the ground wire from the block. Disconnect the terminal block by pulling.





7.5/7.62 mm




M2.5, Steel ,Zinc   plated


Phosphor   bronze Ni plated

Wire cage/Pin   header

Brass, Ni   Plated




Rated   voltage


Rated   current


Withstanding   voltage

AC1500V/1 Min

Wire range



Temp range


Max   soldering

+250   5 Sec


0.4   NM(

Strip length


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