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8.25mm Barrier Terminal Blocks
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8.25mm Barrier Terminal Blocks

8.25mm Barrier Terminal Blocks are an interconnect device that consists of short metal strips separated by a raised insulated "barrier", and connectors or screws which allows for termination and wire connection. 8.25mm Barrier Terminal Blocks are available in panel mount or through-hole mounting styles. The product design is in accordance with some international standards, such as IEC60998, UL1059, etc. The 8.25mm Barrier Terminal Blocks are widely used in power sources, industrial control, information products, and household appliances.
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The 8.25mm Barrier Terminal Blocks is available with various connection technologies and as hybrid versions. Barrier connection technology provides a convenient to use, the high-performance connection that is reliable in any application. The barrier connection technology is subjected to tests that go beyond the basic standard testing, enabling barrier strip terminal block to be used in all sectors of industry, such as energy supply, transportation technology, and chemical, as well as shipbuilding industries.

How do China Barrier Terminal Blocks Work?

Each strip will have a pair of screws arranged such that each screw connects to a separate conductor on either end of the strip. Alternatively, terminal strips have several screws along two strips, creating a bus bar for the distribution of power.

Main Features of Barrier Terminal Blocks

● Pin pitch range: 0.635-1.1 mm

● Position size: 2-30

● Clamp screws are best for bare wire applications.

● Acceptable wiring range: 10-30 US wire gauge (depending on the type).

● A full range of accessories, including jumpers, quick connection male terminals, and some safety covers.

● Provide binding head and wire clip screws; binding head screws are usually used with hardware such as QC male end and jumper.

● Common contact styles provide double-layer barriers and three-layer barriers: PCB pins, extended PCB pins, insulated extended PCB pins, winding, insulated winding, welding turret, plug-in welding turret, quick connection, insertion fast connection, and no punch-through.

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8.25 mm


M3.0Steel ,Ni plated

Pin header

Copper alloy,   Tin Plated


PA66 UL94V-0


Rated   voltage


Rated   current


Withstanding   voltage

AC2000V/1   Min

Wire range


Contact   resistance


Insulation   resistance



Temp range





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