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9.5mm Barrier Terminal Block Connector
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9.5mm Barrier Terminal Block Connector

9.5mm Barrier Terminal Block Connector features closed-back construction and is designed to make connections within a control panel or cabinet. 8.5mm Barrier Strip Connector, connecting easily, provides the wire range size from 0.5mm2 to 6mm2. Available with different pitches from 6.35 to 14mm, with cover and without cover. The 8.5mm Barrier Strip Connector is designed in accordance with IEC60998, UL1059, UL486E, CSA C22.2 No.158 standards.
  • EX9500S

Using 9.5mm Barrier Terminal Block Connector can connect multiple lights and accessories to the same circuit and eliminate wire splicing. In structure, China Barrier Terminal Blocks comprise PCB type, closed barrier type, and pluggable type, and can connect all kinds of conducting wires whose cross‐sections are 0.5mm2 to 6mm2 with the pitches of 6.35mm~16mm, rated voltage 150V~600V (cULus)and rated current 10A~140A (cULus). China Barrier Terminal Blocks are two types: cover type and no cover type. 

Main Features of 9.5mm Barrier Terminal Block Connector

● Pin pitch range: 0.635-1.1 mm

● Position size: 2-30

● Clamp screws are best for bare wire applications.

● Acceptable wiring range: 10-30 US wire gauge (depending on the type).

● A full range of accessories, including jumpers, quick connection male terminals, and some safety covers.

● Provide binding head and wire clip screws; binding head screws are usually used with hardware such as QC male end and jumper.

● Common contact styles provide double-layer barriers and three-layer barriers: PCB pins, extended PCB pins, insulated extended PCB pins, winding, insulated winding, welding turret, plug-in welding turret, quick connection, insertion fast connection, and no punch-through.

The Advantages of 8.5mm Barrier Strip Connector

● Free choice of connection technology: meet requirements for internal and external wiring at the same time, thanks to different connection methods in a single terminal block.

● Flexible setup in your application, thanks to various mounting options: DIN rail mounting or direct mounting.

● Convenient ring cable lug: connection using the screw connection principle with spring-guided screw; maintenance-free with integrated screw locking.

● Easy and tool-free direct insertion, thanks to Push-in multi-conductor connection.

● Easy potential distribution with time-saving plug-in bridge system – maximum overview, thanks to large-surface marking.

● Safety for users, thanks to integrated touch protection.

● Reduction in logistics costs, thanks to the uniform CLIP LINE complete system accessories.





9.5 mm


M4.0Steel ,Ni plated

Pin header

Brass, Tin   Plated


PA66 UL94V-0


Rated   voltage


Rated   current


Withstanding   voltage

AC2000V/1   Min

Wire range


Contact   resistance


Insulation   resistance



Temp range





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