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EX300R-5.0mm PCB Screw Terminal Blocks
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EX300R-5.0mm PCB Screw Terminal Blocks

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  • EX300R-5.0mm





5.0 mm


2P, 3P


M3.0Steel ,Zinc plated

Wire guard

Phosphor   bronze Ni Plated or stainless steel

Pin header

Brass, Tin   Plated




Rated   voltage


Rated   current


Withstanding   voltage

AC1500V/1 Min

Wire range



Temp range


Max   soldering

+250   5 Sec



Strip length

4.5~5 mm

Sun is a professional PCB terminal blocks manufacturers, providing high-quality and low price PCB screw terminal blocks, PCB screw terminal connector, and PCB mount screw terminal block


Terminal block

When you have a set of electrical wires to connect, a terminal block provides a safe, convenient way to keep them organized. They are rugged, easy to use and designed to keep wires of varying gauges securely connected.


A terminal block is a set of two or more similar screw-down connection points. You can connect wires

at these points. A terminal strip combines many similar blocks in a single device. In a strip, the blocks are insulated from one another.


A terminal block's main functions are to connect and to insulate. The main block body is made of a tough material, such as plastic or ceramic, that electrically isolates adjacent blocks. The conducting parts are made of copper and corrosion-resistant metals compatible with copper.


A terminal block must first be mounted in a safe, stable location away from moisture. To use it, strip

about ½ inch of insulation from the two wires you want to connect. You then insert the bare wires into the block's metal connectors and screw them down until they're securely fastened.

Special Functions

While most terminal blocks simply create an electrical connection, some have built-in fuse holders, indicator lamps or other features that add functionality for more sophisticated applications.


You can find dozens of types of terminal blocks, some generic, some specialized. Designers have developed terminal blocks for household, industrial, electronic and many other uses.


You can use a terminal block to organize wires having different functions. Many terminal blocks have a labeling scheme that lets you identify how the wires are organized.

Sun Electric Co., Ltd
Founded in 2011, Sun Electric Co., Ltd specializes in the production of terminal blocks and industrial electrical connection products.

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