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Factors affecting the life of pluggable terminal blocks
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Factors affecting the life of pluggable terminal blocks

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The environmental applications of pluggable terminal blocks are complex. For making sure that its performance remains stable under various environmental conditions, the requirements for its adaptability to the environment are rather high.

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Nevertheless, despite the strong environmental adaptability of pluggable terminal blocks, the influence of environmental factors on standard terminal blocks should not be neglected in long-term usage, particularly the contacts are more vulnerable to humidity, temperature, vibration and other environmental effects. Therefore, its service life may be reduced.

1. Humidity

When there is too much humidity in the environment, water will react with the metal parts resulting in corrosion, and the insulation properties of the electronic jack will therefore decrease while electrical conductivity will increase.

The higher the humidity in the environment, the greater the impact on the service life of the pluggable connector socket contacts. For this reason, many pluggable terminal block products are made of materials that are less susceptible to the effects of humidity.

2. Temperature

As the seasons change, the environmental temperature will also change. Especially in the summer, due to the higher ambient temperature, coupled with the presence of current after connecting, heat will therefore increase, thus leading to the jack temperatures prone to rise.

However, high temperatures will impact the service life of pluggable terminal block connector contacts. Generally speaking, the operating temperature of the connector socket contacts is -60 to 200 ℃.

3. Concentration of salt solution

Studies have shown that metal parts can corrode when the temperature is 35°C and the concentration of salt solution is 3%. As soon as the metal pieces of the terminal block connector socket contacts are corroded, their performance and service life can be negatively affected.

4. Vibration and shock

Additionally, vibration and shock can impact the service life of pluggable connector socket contacts. When vibration and shock exist within the use environment, the connector connection solidity will be impacted.

Thus, in the production process, the pluggable terminal block manufacturer will test the performance of products in the vibration and shock environment before delivery to prolong the service life of the products.

5. Design and installation

If the connector is applied in a scenario where shock, vibration and other damaging activities are highly likely, it is important to find a safe design, as well as a solid and reliable installation. If the installation is not secure, the contacts, housing and even the cable of the pluggable terminal block connector can be damaged.

Moreover, connectors and cable assemblies have to be properly strain relieved and routed for installation, and the use of guide channels, cable racks and cable glands help secure pluggable connector life.

6. Insulator

The function of the insulator is to maintain the contacts in the right position while insulating the points, contacts and housing from each other. Thus, insulators need to have superior electrical properties, mechanical properties and moulding properties.

As the insulator surface may have extra metal, dust, flux, which are fused with moisture, organic precipitation and harmful gas adsorption, then will cause a short circuit, leakage, low insulation resistance and other bad insulation phenomena, pluggable terminal block life will therefore be reduced.


In short, there are many factors that affect the service life of pluggable terminal block connectors, as long as you pay more attention to its use environment, carefully check the operating instructions, timely deal with dust, you can greatly avoid the adverse conditions, thus its service life will be longer.

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