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Barrier Terminal Blocks
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Barrier Terminal Blocks

The barrier terminal blocks are also called the "Japanese" or "American" terminal blocks. Because most of its series products are mainly black, it can also be called black terminal blocks. The barrier strip connector is an interconnected device and its structure is simple, mainly composed of short metal strips separated by a raised insulated "barrier", connectors or screws which allow for termination and the wire connection, and welding feet. Barrier terminal blocks are available in panel mount or through-hole mounting styles, and the actual operation is more convenient, firm and reliable. 



Barrier Terminal Blocks Introduction

The barrier strip terminal block is designed for power applications and integrates a transparent clamshell safety cover. Barriers can tolerate cluttered or worn wire ends to prevent electrical shorts between positions on the same terminal block and adjacent components. It can achieve safe, reliable, and effective connections, especially in the application environment of large current and high voltage.

The barrier strip connector is available with various connection technologies and as hybrid versions. Barrier connection technology provides a convenient to use, the high-performance connection that is reliable in any application. The barrier connection technology is subjected to tests that go beyond the basic standard testing, enabling barrier strip terminal block to be used in all sectors of industry, such as energy supply, transportation technology, and chemical, as well as shipbuilding industries
Complete Barrier Terminal Blocks combine a ring cable lug connection with the advantages of the complete terminal block system. The uniform system accessories, such as the standardized plug-in bridges, provide considerable time savings during wiring. Using continuous marker strips, the terminal blocks can be marked across a large surface, and each terminal point can be marked clearly. The transparent design of the strips means you retain a clear overview when bridging.
Sun is the professional China barrier terminal block manufacturers, providing high-quality barrier terminal blocks, barrier strip terminal block, and barrier strip connector. Its barrier terminal blocks are designed for extreme durability even under harsh temperature conditions. Plastics as well as metal parts provide sufficient safety reserves. Barrier hybrid terminal blocks are capable of resisting short-circuit currents until the relevant safety equipment cuts off the current, without sustaining any damage and also demonstrates maximum contact reliability, even under extreme overload.

Wiring Method of Barrier Terminal Blocks


The most common type of welding is soldering. The most important thing for the solder connection is that the continuity of the metal should be formed between the solder material and the surface to be soldered. Therefore, for terminal blocks, especially cold-pressed terminal blocks, solderability is important. The most common coatings on the soldering end of the ring terminal are tin alloy, silver, and gold. The reed contact has a solder tab type, a punching solder tab type, and a notched solder tab type for the common welding end. The pinhole contact has a drilled arc notch type for the common welding end.



Crimping is a technique for compressing and displacing metal within prescribed limits and connecting wires to contact pairs. A good crimp connection can produce a mutual melting flow of metal so that the wire and contact deform the material symmetrically. This connection is similar to cold welding connection, it can get better mechanical strength and electrical continuity, it can withstand more severe environmental conditions. At present, it is generally believed that the correct crimp connection is better than soldering, especially in high-current occasions. When crimping, special crimping pliers or automatic or semi-automatic crimping machines must be used. According to the cold-pressed terminal and the cross-section of the cold-pressed end wire, the correct contact wire barrel should be selected correctly. It should be noted that the crimp connection is a permanent connection and can only be used once.


Winding is to wind the wire directly on the winding post of the angular contact. During the winding, the wire is wound under the control of the tension, pressed in and fixed at the corners of the winding post of the contact to form an airtight contact. There are several requirements for wire wrapping: the nominal value of the wire diameter should be in the range of 0.25mm~1.0mm; when the wire diameter is not greater than 0.5mm, the elongation of the conductor material is not less than 15%; when the wire diameter is greater than 0.5mm, the conductor The elongation of the material is not less than 20%. Tools for winding include winding gun and fixed winding machine.

Puncture connection

Puncture connection, also known as insulation displacement connection, is a novel terminal technology invented by the United States in the 1960s. It has the characteristics of high reliability, low cost, and ease of use. It has been widely used in various terminals for printed boards, cold-pressed terminal, cold-pressed end, and the ring terminal. It is suitable for the connection of ribbon cables. It is not necessary to strip the insulation layer of the cable during the connection. The tip of the U-shaped contact spring of the terminal is penetrated into the insulation layer to make the conductor of the cable slide into the groove of the contact spring and be clamped so that a tight electrical connection is formed between the cable conductor and the terminal spring. It requires only simple tools, but cables with specified wire gauges must be selected.

Screw connection

The screw connection is a connection method using screw terminal blocks, which allows the maximum and minimum cross-sections of the connecting wires and the maximum tightening torque allowed by screws of different specifications.

Main Features of Barrier Terminal Blocks

■ Pin pitch range: 0.635-1.1 mm

■ Position size: 2-30
■ Clamp screws are best for bare wire applications.
■ Acceptable wiring range: 10-30 US wire gauge (depending on the type).
■ A full range of accessories, including jumpers, quick connection male terminals, and some safety covers.
■ Provide binding head and wire clip screws; binding head screws are usually used with hardware such as QC male end and jumper.
■ Common contact styles provide double-layer barriers and three-layer barriers: PCB pins, extended PCB pins, insulated extended PCB pins, winding, insulated winding, welding turret, plug-in welding turret, quick connection, insertion fast connection and no punch-through.

The Advantages of Barrier Terminal Blocks

■ Maximum conductor pull-out forces

■ Gas-tight contacting

■ Reliable contacts 

■ Easy potential distribution

■ Long-term contact stability 

■ Easy testing

■ Vibration-resistant contacting

■ Integrated touch proofness

■ High-performance contacting

■ Large surface marking

The Applications of Barrier Terminal Blocks

With its simple, intuitive, and solid structure, the barrier terminal blocks are widely used in many electronic and electrical industries such as security monitoring, power supply, frequency converter, motor, motion control, injection molding machine control, programmable power supply, sensor control board, LED lamp lighting, industrial control equipment, power equipment, instrumentation and so on.


 Machine control

■ Power supply
■ Test and measurement
■ Automation equipment
■ Security/Alarm equipment
■ HVAC control
■ Garage door opener
■ Furnace, water heater, boiler
■ Industrial controls
■ Instrumentation
■ EDP equipment

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