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How to Find the Right Terminal Blocks Suppliers in China
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How to Find the Right Terminal Blocks Suppliers in China

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If you are looking to purchase a batch of terminal blocks from China and need to find a trustworthy Chinese terminal block manufacturer, then this article is very valuable for you.


China has become the first choice for manufacturing due to its strong business ecosystem and high product sales.


However, it is difficult to choose a trustworthy and affordable one among many suppliers.


Next, mainly from the following aspects to introduce how to choose a suitable terminal supplier.

1. Find suppliers on Alibaba

2. Search the corporate website directly on Google

3. Verify the authenticity of the company

4. View company location


Step 1 Find a Chinese supplier on Alibaba


Take pluggable terminal block products as an example.


If you are looking for a Chinese supplier of this product, you first need to enter the URL   in Google. After entering the page, enter the pluggable terminal block in the input box and switch the previous products to suppliers. Click Search.


The search results obtained in this way are all manufacturers of pluggable terminal blocks.





After entering the results, we can see that each supplier's name is preceded by a number that records the year. This number represents that this supplier has been working on the platform of Alibaba for several years.


As a large-scale international B2B platform, Alibaba is home to 90% of Chinese companies.


Therefore, the greater the number of years of stay, the longer the operating time of this supplier, and the more reliable this supplier is compared to other suppliers who have stayed on the platform for a shorter period of time.


After selecting a company with higher age, we can click to enter the company introduction page.


Here we can see the word “verified” in blue, which means that this company has undergone an on-site audit by a professional organization.



This shows that the company introduction and information filled in below are true and reliable.



When the page slides down, we can also see the specific information of some certificates. It includes the age of the certificate, and whether the certificate is authentic and reliable.



Although Alibaba is a large-scale platform website, and some corporate information is certified by a specialized agency. But be aware: 


Alibaba charges each supplier at least US$5,000 per year (not including any promotional expenses), and the commission for its sales staff is as high as 10%. This gives them great motivation to help the supplier to commit fraud.


In addition to finding terminal suppliers on Alibaba, we can also follow step 2.


Step 2 Search the corporate website directly on Google


Take barrier terminal block products as an example.


If you are looking for a Chinese supplier of this product, you first need to enter China barrier terminal block suppliers in Google.


We can see that the top few search results are all Chinese platform websites. These are not the independent corporate websites we are looking for.




At this time, we need to continue to pull down the result page.


Find the URL of the independent domain name and click to enter the corporate website.



After entering the corporate website, you can click the About page to view the corporate history or click the Certificate page to view the product certificate.


It is worth noting that some websites put the certificate on the about us page or home page.




In addition to paying attention to the basic information of the company, we can also find the product manuals of some companies on the website to download (usually on the Download page).


We can download the product manuals of several different Chinese barrier terminal suppliers at the same time for comparison.


This is more convenient than opening a product page separately.



In addition, we can also see that some companies have sample services on their websites.


At this time, we can fill in the relevant information on the website and wait for the company to send us samples. After comparing the quality of the samples, select the appropriate supplier.





In addition to examining some of the information mentioned above, we can also observe the updated status of news or blogs on this website, and the active status of social media such as youtube, Facebook, etc.


These can reflect the actual situation of the company from the side, as well as the company's operating conditions.


The advantage of placing an order on an independent corporate website is that the supplier does not have to pay platform fees to the platform, and the cost will be reduced. Therefore, we can get a lower price.


However, the independent website only relies on some of the above information, and we cannot fully judge whether this company is trustworthy.


So we need to go to step 3


Step 3 Verify the authenticity of the company


After the above two steps, we have filtered out the names of some companies.


Next, we need to verify whether these companies are truly trustworthy.


Method 1: Mutual authentication


Through mutual verification of independent corporate websites and platforms such as Alibaba, check whether the company's information in these two places is the same.


In particular, whether the establishment time, scale, and certificates of some companies mentioned in the independent website have been verified by Alibaba.


Method 2: Inquiry of Chinese Enterprise Credit System


QiChaCha: China's leading corporate information database 


CECIPS: China's Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System 



These are credit service websites under the guidance of the Chinese government. Currently, the websites provide services for Chinese corporate credit inquiries.


When the terminal supplier has been verified by us, the company has gained our initial trust.


With trust, we have to proceed to step 4 - check the location of the company to ensure product quality.


Step 4 Check the location of the company


China is not entirely a small country. Manufacturers can be found in different places, and different regions have different expertise.


For example, Shenzhen is a city bordering Hong Kong in the southeast. It has developed into the center of the electronics industry. It fosters a unique ecosystem to support the manufacturing supply chain. Now famous for these products.


In addition to regional expertise, the convenience of transportation should also be considered.


The more inaccessible the factory, the more expensive the product may be. Although the price of each product may be lower, the hidden total export cost may be higher.


After comprehensively considering the above factors, we can conduct in-depth cooperation with selected Chinese terminal block suppliers.

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