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How to Improve the Reliability of the Electrical Terminal block
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How to Improve the Reliability of the Electrical Terminal block

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The reliability of the wire terminal block is a problem that the whole machine or system uses order is very concerned and valued. This is because the terminal is used as a component in the whole machine or system, and its reliability directly affects or determines the reliability of the whole machine or system. The reliability of the terminal board is related to its structural design, production process, production process, selected materials, quality control, and its correct application. Among these many factors, structural design is the most important. It plays a decisive role in the inherent reliability of the product. Therefore, in each stage of development and design, or in the reliability growth test, special attention should be paid to how to improve and ensure the inherent reliability and reliability of the product.


In view of the contact failure modes exposed during the development, testing, and application of the terminal, some improvement measures can be taken to achieve certain results. In terms of structural design and application of auxiliary agents, these measures are summarized as reinforcement method, calibration method, balance method, coating lubrication method, and optimization method.


Reinforcement method

The reinforcement method means that under the condition of not affecting the electrical characteristics of the electrical connector blocks (such as voltage standing wave ratio, insertion loss), the outer conductor or inner conductor of the terminal blocks is prone to contact failure. Narrow grooves are used for reinforcement, which improves the rigidity and mechanical strength of the failure location, and improves its contact reliability and mechanical life.

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Calibration method

The calibration method or the alignment method refers to the design of the interface structure of some miniature terminal blocks to shorten the mating length of the pin and extend the axial length of the thread so that the connector is connected to the plug and socket during the connection process. The thread is first contacted so that the pin and the socket are aligned in a straight line before contacting and connecting, so as to avoid the pin being inserted into the socket during the connection process and causing failure.


Balance method

The balance method means that in the structural design of the high and low frequency mixed connectors, the structural design of the high-frequency contacts is to meet the requirements of the electrical characteristics (such as the voltage standing wave ratio) in the applicable frequency range, and the high and low frequency overall mechanical Life, take balance measures to strengthen the strength of the inner conductor system jack as much as possible to improve the inherent reliability of high-frequency contacts.


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