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Specializes in the production of terminal blocks and industrial electrical connection products.

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  • What are different uses for terminal blocks?


    Terminal blocks are modular insulation blocks that hold two or more wires together. Terminal blocks are used by factories to secure and/or terminate wires. A terminal block, in its most basic form, consists of separate terminals organized in a long strip. Terminal blocks are most useful when connecting wiring and grounding. Read More

  • Factors affecting the life of pluggable terminal blocks


    The environmental applications of pluggable terminal blocks are complex. For making sure that its performance remains stable under various environmental conditions, the requirements for its adaptability to the environment are rather high. Read More

  • The Ultimate Guide of Terminal Blocks


    This blog mainly introduces the content of the terminal block. Including its definition, type, wiring method and working principle. Click the link to see the detailed introduction. Read More

  • All That You Must Know About Terminal Block Selection


    This article introduces everything you must know about terminal selection, including its reasons for use, characteristics, and types. Click on the link to view the details. Read More

  • Professional Design of Pluggable Terminal Block Requires Knowledege of These Terms


    The design content of pluggable terminal blocks includes the overall structure design, parts structure and material selection, stamping parts plating method, assembly process, the product in the package of anti-fluff structure. The pluggable terminal block structure design is the main terminal desig Read More

  • PCB Spring Terminal Block Has Great Contrinution in Security and Production Industry


    PCB spring terminal block in the security and production industry is a great credit, for example, even if the data collection like video monitoring and sound recording, storage devices recording time is long, the more storage needed, on this issue, some security products on the use of PCB terminals Read More

  • The Types of PCB Spring Terminal Blocks


    PCB board (Printed Circuit Board), the Chinese name for printed circuit board, referred to as printed circuit board, is one of the important parts of the electronics industry. Insulated board as a substrate, cut to a certain size, with at least one conductive graphics, and cloth with holes (such as Read More

  • How to Find the Right Terminal Blocks Suppliers in China


    If you are looking to purchase a batch of terminal blocks from China and need to find a trustworthy Chinese terminal block manufacturer, then this article is very valuable for you. China has become the first choice for manufacturing due to its strong business ecosystem and high product sales. Howeve Read More

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Founded in 2011, Sun Electric Co., Ltd specializes in the production of terminal blocks and industrial electrical connection products.

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