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Peep into the 2021 Market Trend of Terminal Blocks from the Development Opportunities of Instrumentation
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Peep into the 2021 Market Trend of Terminal Blocks from the Development Opportunities of Instrumentation

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2020 is a plagued year. Australia fires, locust plagues spread globally, China epidemics, global epidemics, everyone is appalling. In such a stressful year, the Chinese manufacturing industry broke through. According to IMF estimates, China's GDP has maintained a growth rate of 1.85% to 15.222 trillion U.S. dollars compared to 2019, accounting for 18.15% of global GDP. It continues to maintain its status as the world's second-largest economy and its share of global GDP continues to increase. Compared with China's 16.8% of global GDP in 2019, it will increase again by 1.35% in 2020.


As a part of our country's real economy, the terminal industry is also making efforts this year. The electrical connector blocks have a wide range of applications in the electrical field, and can also show their skills in instrumentation, and they have a good amount of use. After this year, what is the market trend of terminal enterprises? Perhaps the development direction of instrumentation has some reference significance.



In the context of globalization and the eastward shift of the world economic center, in the face of the complex and changeable environment in 2020, especially the continuous impact of the global novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic(COVID-19), various uncertainties may appear in the development of instrumentation in my country. Exports are expected to be relatively affected. As my country will strengthen the construction of internal circulation, domestic demand will become the main driving force for the development of the instrumentation industry, and the new infrastructure will also promote the development of instrumentation technology.


1. New infrastructure to promote new technology of instrumentation


Since March 2020, the state has vigorously promoted the construction of new infrastructure. The new infrastructure is guided by new development concepts, driven by technological innovation, based on information networks, and facing the needs of high-quality development, providing an infrastructure system that provides services such as digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, and integration innovation. The new infrastructure mainly includes 7 major areas such as 5G infrastructure, UHV, inter-city high-speed railway and inter-city rail transit, new energy vehicle charging piles, big data centers, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet, involving key various industry of the people’s livelihood of communications, power, transportation, digital, etc. 


Instrumentation and its core components, as an important guarantee for communication testing, equipment operation and maintenance, intelligent perception, and big data acquisition, will promote the instrumentation industry to accelerate the technological development of new products, and carry out testing requirements, reliability methods, communication transmission, and safety requirements and other basic common technology research to meet the development needs of new infrastructure.

2. New demand has spawned a new industry of instrumentation


The new round of industrial revolution centered on information technology is the deep integration of information and telecommunication, mobile Internet, and other high-tech and manufacturing industries. In recent years, my country's vigorous promotion of smart manufacturing, smart cities, smart transportation, smart buildings, etc. will drive the deep integration of instrumentation and information technology. Combining with the “Belt and Road”, supply-side reform, “Internet +” and other national policies and the needs of the macroeconomy, effectively promote the adjustment of industry structure, transformation, and upgrading, make full use of the existing conditions and foundation of the industry, and accelerate the intelligent manufacturing and intelligentization (digitalization).  


The pace of industrialization and system integration capabilities of intelligent products required by key directions such as factories (workshops), smart cities (smart water, smart gas, smart transportation, smart medical, etc.) will develop and form new industries. Gradually change the unbalanced development of process industry automation and discrete industrial automation, process industry sensors and discrete industrial sensors, laboratory instruments, and online scientific instruments.


3. Domestic substitution brings new development of instrumentation


For a long time, my country's nuclear power, energy, petrochemical, and other key industries have mainly imported instruments and meters. Domestic products have been difficult to enter due to mainly low-end products and poor product reliability and stability. Although my country has been promoting localization, it is not strong enough. With the current international political situation, Sino-US trade frictions, and the evolution of the world economic structure, taking the opportunity of the safety, independence, and control of national key industries and national defense construction as an opportunity, my country is advancing the process of autonomy in key products and core technologies, and strives to basically form a large national scale.



The basic support capabilities of automatic control systems and precision test instruments for engineering projects, key application areas, and the basic support capabilities of automatic control systems and precision test instruments required by major scientific and technological projects. From the perspective of ensuring information security, localized substitution has become the general trend, which will give domestic instruments and meters more market opportunities. So, the good products of domestic instruments and meters of "specialized, refined, special and new" enterprises will be able to seize the opportunity, Ushered in a round of "East Wind" of development.


New technology promotes new development, and technological innovation of instrumentation will also trigger the upgrading of downstream products, which has a positive role in promoting the development of electrical connector blocks. The development of new industries has spurred the entry of new fields, and new demands have given birth to the development of new instrumentation industries, and have also expanded the scope of application of electrical terminal connectors. The advancement of the localization of instrumentation can also advance the domestic process of terminal blocks.


2020 has passed, and the epidemic will eventually pass. my country's terminal block industry has experienced a period of growth from nothing to right, from existence to completion. Through the development of various local electronic and electrical, instrumentation and other industries, domestic electrical terminal connectors will grow from full to large, from large to strong in the future, and gradually realize the road of localization of terminal use. SUN is China's famous terminal blocks manufacturers, providing high-quality and affordable pluggable terminal blocks, panel mount screw terminal, and PCB spring terminal blocks. Contact us now!

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