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Pluggable Terminal Blocks
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Pluggable Terminal Blocks

A terminal block (also called a connection terminal or terminal connector) is a modular block with an insulated frame that secures two or more wires together. It consists of a clamping component and a conducting strip. 



Pluggable Terminal Block Introduction

Pluggable terminal blocks are those that have a cable entry to allow the connection of a wire or cable but a plug output to allow for easy connection to a socket. A pluggable terminal block is composed of a plug and a mating socket. The socket is usually attached to a printed circuit board through pins, and the plug fits into the socket. These types of terminal blocks are very useful in situations in which hot-swapping may be important or a connection is expected to be removable for servicing or inspecting. 


Pluggable terminal blocks are a type of terminal block connector which allows faster wiring to the terminal block with the help of push-in wire termination technology. They reduce costly downtime and misconnections. Pluggable terminal block connector is available with screw-cage clamp termination, tubular screw termination, or as card edge connectors. Screw contacts are the most common type of connection method for inserted cables, and the screw often has a small metal plate attached to the end, which allows for gripping of both small and large cables.

Plug in terminal block connector opens up more opportunities for terminal blocks to become a more working and flexible connector. One half of the plug, the receptacle, is soldered to the PCB as you would with a standard PCB terminal block. This then creates a header for the plug side of the connector to be connected to. This kind of connection is ideal for maintenance-heavy applications, testing equipment, where a device can be quickly plugged in, HVAC and so many more electrical applications that require some flexibility when it comes to the wiring system. 

Some applications demand a pluggable, modular solution to be more flexible or to facilitate the installation. Where complete functional units have to be prefabricated or replaced, modular and flexible connection systems are required. Pluggable connector eliminates the need for unscrewing the wires to disrupt the electrical flow, which can carry out mounting and startup quickly and flexibly.




Due to the nature of a pluggable terminal block, they are more superior products. From the control cabinet to the complete system, it is impossible to imagine today's applications without pluggable solutions. Terminal blocks tend to have high current and voltage ratings and are much tougher than standard connectors. Because of their rugged, touch-safe design, blocks provide versatility and reliability that lends their use to a wide variety of uses and industries. Pluggable Terminal Block is available at Sun electrics which is one of the industry-leading terminal blocks manufacturers in China.

As a professional China terminal block connector manufacturers, Sun possess development division which has extensive engineering knowledge to design high quality and durable pluggable terminal block connector. Our laboratories are regularly verifying compliance with specifications that our products have to meet for approvals and operation. Of course, the respective test reports and declarations of conformity are available for our customers. 

Main Features of Pluggable Terminal Block

2-pole to 24-pole counts
28 AWG to 12 AWG wire gauges
2.5,3.5,3.81,3.96,5.0,5.08,7.5 and 7.62 mm pitches.
-40°C up to +120°C operating temperature range
IEC voltage ratings from 250 VDC to 320 VDC
IEC current ratings from 7 A to 20 A
UL current ratings from 8 A to 16 A
Plug and receptacle connector types
UL voltage ratings of 300 VDC

The Advantages of Pluggable Terminal Block

■ Small pitch to save space
■ Low structural height
■ Large wiring capacity, and can be connected to the section area of 0.08mm² to 16.0mm² flexible wire
■ The plug socket is protected against wrong insertion and dislocation
■ Pre-printed terminal blocks and connectors indicating position.
■ Industry-standard screw termination.
■ Fixed or pluggable (plug/header) configurations.

■ Solid, stranded, or ferruled wire can be used.

■ Touch-proof design, providing maximum safety.
■ Vibration resistance, latching accessories available.
■ Protection against mismatching, thanks to individual coding options.
■ Free selection of connection technology through uniformly designed COMBI plug-in zone.
■ Pluggable terminal blocks from Sun allow you to carry out mounting and startup quickly and flexibly.
■ Nominal current of 41 A and a nominal voltage of 1,000 V can be implemented thanks to the powerful plug-in contact.

The Applications of Pluggable Terminal Block

■ Industrial controls
■ Building automation

■ I/O modules

■ Test and measurement equipment

■ Monitoring devices

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