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panel mount terminal block
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panel mount terminal block

Sun Electric Factory as a professional panel mount terminal block manufacturer and supplier in China, all the panel mount terminal block have passed the international industry certification standards, and you can be completely assured of quality. If you do not find your own Intent panel mount terminal block in our product list, you can also contact us, we can provide customized services.
  • China Push-in Terminal Blocks
    China push-in terminal blocks are manufactured from polyamide and can be easily separated to provide the required number of poles. They are suitable for a wide range of applications including lighting.
  • 2-24 Poles 5.08mm Pluggable Terminal Blocks
    2-24 Poles 5.08mm Pluggable Terminal Blocks open up more opportunities for terminal blocks to become a more working and flexible connector. One half of the plug, the receptacle, is soldered to the PCB as you would with a standard PCB terminal block. This then creates a header for the plug side of the connector to be connected to. This kind of connection is ideal for maintenance-heavy applications, testing equipment, where a device can be quickly plugged in, HVAC and so many more electrical applications that require some flexibility when it comes to the wiring system.
  • 5.08mm Pluggable Terminal Block
    5.08mm Pluggable Terminal Block is those that have a cable entry to allow the connection of a wire or cable but a plug output to allow for easy connection to a socket. A pluggable terminal block is composed of a plug and a mating socket. The socket is usually attached to a printed circuit board through pins, and the plug fits into the socket. These types of terminal blocks are very useful in situations in which hot-swapping may be important or a connection is expected to be removable for servicing or inspecting.
  • 2 Pin 5.0/5.08mm Plug in Connector Blocks
    2 Pin 5.0/5.08mm Plug in Connector Blocks are mainly characterized by the monomer and the circuit board soldering and wiring easy, and reliable screw connection. The pitch is 5.0, 5.08, and so on. The terminal blocks can be combined with 3P and 2P. The products without stitching are also available. The wiring directions are front, side, slope, and other different styles.
  • 5.0/5.08mm Pluggable Terminal Blocks
    The 5.0/5.08mm Pluggable Terminal Blocks have UL rated for 12 AWG to 24 AWG wiring at up to 12 amps and 300 volts. Pin spacing for this range of pluggable printed circuit board terminal blocks includes 5mm, 5.08mm, 7.5mm, and 7.62mm. Other variations in wire entry, size, and pin spacing are also available. The standard color of the ASI standard pluggable printed circuit board terminal blocks is green, however other colors are available upon request. SUN can provide custom printing on the 5.0/5.08mm Pluggable Terminal Blocks in order to simplify wiring.
  • China Pluggable Terminal Blocks 5.0/5.08mm
    China Pluggable Terminal Blocks 5.0/5.08mm are designed to meet the requirements demanded by high-power industrial applications. Available with 1 to 30 AWG, 2 to 80 circuits, and pitches ranging from 3.50 to 15.00mm, SUN has the most complete line up of high-density, fixed-mount and pluggable terminal blocks. As famous China terminal blocks manufacturers, SUN pluggable terminal blocks offer the most complete lineup of high-power, high-density, customizable pluggable terminal blocks.
  • China Plug in Terminal Block 5.0/5.08mm
    SUN' China Plug in Terminal Block 5.0/5.08mm comes in horizontal, vertical, and 180° orientations. These versatile terminal blocks feature up to 24-pole counts and 3.81 mm or 5.08 mm pitches. With operating temperature ranges from -40°C up to +105°C, SUN' China Plug in Terminal Block 5.0/5.08mm is well suited for a range of interconnecting needs. SUN pluggable terminal blocks have been designed with all of the standard features, and more, when compared to other pluggable terminal blocks on the market.
  • 5.0/5.08mm Plug in Terminal Block
    Due to the nature of a pluggable terminal block, they are more superior products. Pitch sizes from 3.5mm up to 7.5mm pitch are available to choose from with a variety of power capabilities and AWG acceptance. The 5.0/5.08mm Plug in Terminal Block uses a rising clamp termination method, increasing the superiority over standard PCB wire protector connectors. UL and VDE compliance can be found through the range, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy product.
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Founded in 2011, Sun Electric Co., Ltd specializes in the production of terminal blocks and industrial electrical connection products.

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