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Our terminal block team is composed of well-qualified engineers who having experience for the past 20-30 years and working towards providing the best manufacturing solutions for the totally enclosed lifeboat. We supply high-quality reliable products with excellent customer support and after-sales services. In collaboration with SUN, we have 50 plus customers who are using our reliable and robust products with positive feedback and testimonials. We supply pluggable terminal blocks, barrier strip terminal block, PCB screw terminal block connector, PCB spring terminal blocks.

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Barrier Terminal Blocks
Pluggable Terminal Blocks
PCB Screw Terminal Blocks
PCB Spring Terminal Blocks

We're the Trusted Terminal Blocks Manufacturer

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Pluggable Terminal Blocks
Pluggable terminal blocks can connect all types of wires with cross-section of 0.08mm² to 16.0mm², optional spacing is 2.5 to 10.16. The incoming line direction, connection direction and plug-in direction can be selected as required.

PCB Spring Terminal Blocks
PCB spring terminal blocks, the wiring modes are cage type spring connection and butterfly spring connection, which can be alternative used with PCB screw terminal blocks, increasing flexibility.

PCB Screw Terminal Blocks
PCB screw terminal blocks have the characteristics of convenient wiring and firm screw connection. It can connect all types of wires with cross-section of 0.08 mm² to 25.0 mm², and optional spacing is 2.54mm to 15.0mm.

Barrier Terminal Blocks
Barrier Terminal Blocks,wiring is clearly and intuitive. It can connect all types of wires with cross-section of 0.5 mm² to 6.0 mm², and optional spacing is 6.35mm to 14.0mm, we can provide with cover, without cover and other styles.

Some Words for You

I believe you're in the process to find the best terminal block connector on the market. However, shopping online for the perfect terminal blocks for your business can be tough. You need new terminal strip connector equipment, but you still haven't found a reliable supplier, or I can say, the manufacturer.

Quality, costs, uses, service, and many other factors will decide which electrical terminal block you buy. That's why every step of the way to buying a wire terminal block requires great care. And you should do your research very carefully before saying yes to the terminal connector.

After doing the research and start talk to the terminal blocks manufacturers, and get quotes as well as technical data, you will see a clear decision unfold. And you have to do your due diligence to know which one should you cooperate with. At SUN, our mission is not only to provide you the best terminal blocks on the market with unbeatable prices but also to ensure our terminal strip connector works well during its service life. Then a professional team will be needed, and you can trust SUN to be your best choice.

When you're ready to discuss the details about our life-saving boat, contact SUN and start our negotiation. We'll provide you our professional solution that you need.

Questions Often Asked

  • Q Can I get a sample before place order?

    A Yes, we can send you some free samples.
  • Q What is your MOQ? Can I place a trail order with small quantity?

    A There is no special requirement for quantity for trail order.You can place a trial order with small quantity.
  • Q Do you provide OEM/OEDM service? Can you put our logo or company name on the package?

    A Yes, we can.
  • Q What kind of certificate do you have for your products?

    A CE, UL.
  • Q What's the delivery time?

    A Based on the order quantity. Nomally around 20-30 days after we receive deposit payment and final design files and confirmation. 
  • Q What is your payment term?

    A Normally is T/T. Negotiable.
  • Q When can we get the reply?

    A Within a day.

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