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What are Pluggable Terminal Blocks?
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What are Pluggable Terminal Blocks?

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Pluggable terminal blocks are a series of products with a push-in-design for connecting wires to the terminal blocks which are used to realize the electrical connection of electronic components. It is usually used in the distribution box, which is more convenient for wiring, and generally bears less power.

The pluggable terminal block connector is composed of two parts: one part compresses the wire and then plugs into the other part, which is welded to the PCB board. The mechanical principle of the connection bottom and the anti-vibration design ensure the long-term airtight connection of the product and the use reliability of the finished product. The two ends of the socket can be equipped with ears, which can protect the connector to a great extent and prevent the poor arrangement of the connectors. At the same time, the socket design can ensure that the socket can be inserted into the matrix correctly. The socket can also have an assembly buckle and a locking buckle. The assembly button position can be more firmly fixed to the PCB board, and the locking button can lock the mother's body and socket after the installation. A variety of socket designs can be used with different mother insertion methods, such as horizontal, vertical, or inclined PCB. Either metric or standard wire gauge can be selected.            

The plug in terminal block series adopts the combination of easy operation pluggable connection and firm and universal screw mode, which connects various parts. This design improves upon traditional screw terminals in terms of efficiency, ease of use, and space savings. By contrast, wires connected using this push-in-design technology assure a secure connection, with about 75% less time required per wire installation.

pluggable terminal block

Generally speaking, the advantages of plug in terminal block connector is mainly shown in seven aspects, as follows:            

1. Large wiring capacity which can adapt to various wiring requirements.           

2. The wire pressing frame and the welding pin are mechanically decoupled, that is, because the wire clamping frame and the welding pin are not integrated, the torque when tightening the screw will not be transmitted to the solder joint.            

3. Weld four rhombus, and the end shrinks and thins. When the welding hole is inserted, the contact area is increased. The welding liquid is easy to dissolve into the welding hole, so it is not easy to weld falsely.            

4. The welding pin is made of copper alloy, and there is no dirt on the welding pin, which ensures the long-term reliability of welding           

5. Tinned solder pin, easy to weld.            

6. With a cooling channel.            

7. The end of the welding pin shrinks and becomes thin, which is easy to install.

Pluggable terminal blocks are available in a wide variety of sizes and ratings. Pitch varies from 2.54 mm to 6.35 mm, with wire ranges from 30-16 to 24-12 AWG. Current ratings are 5 amps to 8 amps at 150 VAC, 8 amps to 16 amps at 300 VAC, and 20 amps at 600 VAC. Connection methods are V-type spring (not patented), or patented S-Cage single, double, and rail type. Value-added customization services include label printing, and supplying blocks in assorted color combinations.

An LED at each connection point is on when current is flowing through the wire, with LED light pipes integral to the terminal block assemblies used to ensure each LED is clearly visible. This indication provides quick visual confirmation of active connections and is useful for troubleshooting.

Sun Electric Factory was established in 2011, specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of terminal blocks. It can provide a series of perfect terminal connection schemes for industry partners. Have advanced mold design and manufacturing technology, from product development, mold design and development, and product production and quality assurance system team. We have various types of products: PCB screw terminal blocks, barrier terminal blocks, PCB spring terminal blocks, and pluggable terminal blocks.

plug in terminal block

Our pluggable terminal block can connect all types of wires with a cross-section of 0.08mm² to 16.0mm², optional spacing is 2.5 to 10.16. The incoming line direction, connection direction, and plug-in direction can be selected as required. We provide excellent products and services for customers all over the world, especially in instruments, alarms, lighting, elevator controllers, communication and distribution boxes, high-voltage equipment, and other fields. Now we have sold our products to Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia and so on. If you have any needs, please contact us now!


Sun Electric Co., Ltd
Founded in 2011, Sun Electric Co., Ltd specializes in the production of terminal blocks and industrial electrical connection products.

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